Nail Snail: 3-in-1 Baby Nail Trimmer Tool

Looking at your baby’s tiny, beautiful hands you can truly imagine the precious
memories those little fingers will create as they begin to grow. Therefore,
when it comes to caring for your child, having the right tool is a must and
this is where the Nail Snail comes in!
Can you imagine one tool that gently trims your baby’s finger and toenails, files
and smooths while cleaning under nails painlessly? Well believe it as this is
the real deal with the Nail Snail.

It is safe and painless for little fingers and toes

How many times have you chased your child around the house after they hideaway at
seeing the traditional, scary, old nail clippers? This tool is so innovative
and especially designed to be painless so it can even be used on newborn babies
without any fear of injury.
The Nail Snail has a safety guard that stops damage to the surrounding skin and
fingers and has an extremely safe anti-choking design. Now that’s the best news
for parents as there is often great fear that a child would swallow a
traditional, small, narrow-shaped nail clipper.
It possess an innovative V-shaped blade that makes cutting easy
Many times as parents our main aim while cutting our children’s nails is to get it
done quickly and as safely as possible while they wriggle about but sometimes
this can lead to minor accidents. But with Nail Snail’s patented,
multi-directional, v-shaped blade, parents are able to see exactly what they
are cutting minimizing harm as compared to traditional clippers and scissors.
It also has a large ergonomic, easy-grip, rubber handle that maximizes control
and trimming efficiency. There is also its pointed tail that gently and
thoroughly cleans under nails.

Perfect baby shower gift

The Nail Snail can be seen as the perfect baby shower gift as it is an
often-overlooked necessity and is gender neutral. It is also suitable for newborn
babies, toddlers and children. It has no batteries or noisy moving parts to
startle your baby and this will ensure calmness at having the work done quickly
and properly.
The tool is made from high quality medical-grade stainless steel and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or warm soapy water. Its appealing cute snail
shape will have both parent and child falling in love with it while
nail-clipping time becomes bonding time, as there is comfort with no fear of
hurting your precious baby.

Buy the Nail Snail today to ensure that your child is in 100%
comfortable when you are cutting their precious little nails.

About the Inventor:

Contact Info:
Company: Christie & Christie
Product: Nail Snail
Phone number: +61 0421860045
Address: C & C, PO Box 101, Banora Point, NSW, Australia 2486
Facebook: Nail Snail Baby
Instagram: @nail_snail_baby
Pinterest: nail_snail_baby

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